March 25 in Bronx, New York: Commemorate Women’s History Month in the streets

Paying homage to Women’s History Month, the International Working Women’s Day Coalition is organizing a day of outdoor speak-outs and a march, followed by an indoor discussion on Saturday, March 25, starting at 2 p.m. in the Bronx, New York. The first speak-out will be held in front of the historic Lincoln Hospital at 234 E. 149th Street, where over 50 years ago, a protracted struggle led by the revolutionary Young Lords Party took place to demand accessible health care for one of the poorest communities in New York City. 

The second speak-out will take place at nearby Hostos Community College, located at 500 Concourse, where recently students won a successful campaign to reopen their cafeteria, which had been shut down due to the pandemic since March 2020. 

A march will then follow to a community center at 810 Gerard Avenue, for an interactive discussion between activists representing various struggles and local residents on why billions of dollars are spent for war, instead of funding health care, housing, food and human needs. The discussion will also include scheduling solidarity actions throughout 2023. 

Brenda Stokely, a co-coordinator of the coalition, told WW, “It is so important for women and other gender-oppressed people, who are denied equality and subjected

to oppression, bond together by listening to each other, planning together, learning from each other and those before us who committed their lives to freedom and justice, show up to support our sisters who are on the front lines.” 

Organizations and individual activists are encouraged to bring signs and banners and to help spread the word at other events and on social media. For more information including flyer pickups, email [email protected]. There will be Spanish translation if needed. 

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