Workers World celebrates LGBTQ2S+ Pride: ‘We won’t go back!’

A contingent from Youth Against War and Fascism (YAWF), a youth affiliate of Workers World Party, at the 1974 New York City Pride march.

For over half a century, Workers World newspaper has covered the global struggle to end all forms of discrimination, persecution and violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and gender-nonconforming communities. 

WW consistently backed up our activist coverage with analysis. In the early 1970s, WW ran a series of articles that led to publication of “The Gay Question: A Marxist Appraisal” in 1976. Then in 1993, WW republished it as “The Roots of Lesbian and Gay Oppression: A Marxist View,” with the first book’s original text and a new preface and afterword. (These and works below are available at  

In 2004, WW managing editor and globally recognized transgender leader Leslie Feinberg began the “Lavender & Red” series, which ran until 2008 in WW. A group of 25 articles from that series was later published as the book, “Rainbow Solidarity in Defense of Cuba.” Notify us if you want a free paper copy. 

In 2012 Feinberg engaged in civil disobedience and wrote articles defending Black trans woman CeCe McDonald, who was charged with manslaughter after defending herself from a racist, bigoted attack.

In 2022 WW extensively covered resistance to the current storm of right-wing “Don’t Say Gay” and anti-trans, anti-youth laws sweeping the U.S. WW articles built resolve in the struggle for reproductive justice, pledging “We won’t go back,” and documented opposition to racist laws limiting the right to vote and the right to teach a people’s history of resistance to oppression. 

WW reporters on the ground — from Buffalo, New York, to Portland, Oregon, to Brookwood, Alabama — celebrated the tremendous groundswell of worker organizing that won historic union victories against Amazon and Starbucks — victories fueled by the leadership and solidarity of young, multinational, queer, gender-nonconfirming workers. 

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