Hands Off Haiti! Hands Off Cuba! U.S. Out of the Caribbean!

Occupied Mvskoke Creek Land (Pensacola, Fla.)

The Central Gulf Coast branch of Workers World Party hosted a gathering and discussion July 25 on the role of U.S. colonialism and imperialism in the Caribbean, focused on Cuba, Haiti and Puerto Rico.

Assata Shakur and Monica Moorehead at World Youth Festival, Havana, Cuba, 1997.

The branch was joined by members of Democratic Socialists of America and Strive (Socialist Trans Initiative) to hear speeches from Cuban and Haitian activists, as well as a report on the privatization of Puerto Rico from a WWP candidate.

Afterwards, WWP hosted a roundtable discussion on U.S. imperialism in the Caribbean with Workers World Party national and New York City branch leaders. Monica Moorehead, Makasi Motema and Sara Flounders discussed various topics, from the Party’s long history of solidarity with Cuba, to the role of U.S. imperialism in Haiti, to the worldwide effects of sanctions that the U.S. has imposed on at least 40 countries.

Attendees connected the Biden administration’s new sanctions on Cuba to the sanctions placed on the DPRK, Yemen, Syria and other countries constantly under the microscope of U.S. imperialism.

Everyone left the event committed to better understanding the role of U.S. imperialism and colonialism — and with rededication to ending both!

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