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May Day, New York City, 2017.

May Day. Workers. Resistance. Solidarity.

May 1 is International Workers’ Day, officially commemorated in over 80 countries, but not in the U.S., where it originated in 1886 in Chicago as part of the struggle for the eight-hour workday. Its militant legacy is marked by strong protests by the global working class. It’s a day of solidarity. The class struggle is alive, as shown by worker actions against corporate giants and governments, with many focused on the current pandemic crisis.

Workers World newspaper is partisan. Our coverage lauds struggles by the global working class against capitalist exploiters. Our newspaper sides with the multinational, multigender, multigenerational working class, organized and unorganized, those fighting for a livable wage, benefits and unionization.

WW lauds the courageous workers and organizers who took on Amazon, the corporate behemoth, in Bessemer, Ala. We support all those employed by avaricious profiteers. WW honors and thanks health care and other essential workers who risked their health to keep society running during the pandemic.

Our pages express solidarity with the millions of workers, especially Black, Latinx, Indigenous, immigrants, women and other gender oppressed people, disabled, all who were impacted by the pandemic downturn, and those still jobless, without health care, childcare, sufficient food and housing. Our Tear Down the Walls section shows our heartfelt support of incarcerated workers.

Socialists and communists fought successfully for International Workers’ Day to be an official holiday worldwide to honor workers’ struggles. But the U.S. ruling class  tried to erase this workers’ holiday and bury its origins in the militant strikes of the late 1800s. Washington instead established Labor Day, which is devoid of the workers’ struggle history embodied in May Day. 

May Day was reignited in the U.S. in 2006. Millions of immigrants, the majority from Latin America, organized a countrywide general strike to protest racist, anti-immigrant legislation, repression and deportations.    

On this May Day, WW says it is imperative to call for jobs and government programs to provide life’s necessities to all workers and their families, and to demand an end to all forms of bigotry, inequality and police terror.

WW promotes the message of May Day’s socialist and communist founders: End capitalism! Fight for socialism!  

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WW articles are posted daily at workers.org.  During the pandemic, printed copies are being mailed monthly. Issues will be printed and sent out more frequently when the crisis lifts. 

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We are grateful for your help in building Workers World! 

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