A new global Marxist magazine

There is a new global Marxist e-zine, The International. From the editors:

“The International,” an international Marxist magazine, is regularly being published on the 15th of each month.

It is a global political magazine for Communists and Socialists in a true sense, and has already received a very positive response from Marxist readers of each part of the world.

It includes political articles and interviews of renowned political personalities, Marxist intellectuals and researchers from each continent of the globe, and includes news reports, scientific analysis and more.

The [editors] are strongly dedicated to strengthening the voice of the oppressed people across the globe and advocates for equal opportunities and a guarantee of democratic rights to one and all. They wish to defeat other international capitalist magazines and media by reaching out to more and more left and progressive readers, and expect suggestions and feedback from their readers.

Marxist writers, activists or political analysts can submit their articles for consideration directly through email, [email protected], or can contact them through their website.

One can subscribe to get access to the latest edition and all previous editions of the monthly magazine from this link: www.internationalmagz.com/magazine.

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