COVID-19: How weaponizing disease and vaccine wars are failing us

Join Popular Resistance and the International Action Center Tuesday, Jan 26, for a webinar featuring authors of the new book: “Capitalism on a Ventilator: The impact of COVID-19 in China & the U.S.”

COVID-19:  How weaponizing disease and vaccine wars are failing us

Tuesday, Jan 26

8pm ET/5pm PT

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Vijay Prashad

Margaret Kimberley

Lee Siu Hin

Max Blumenthal 

Moderated by: Sara Flounders and Margaret Flowers 

The authors of Capitalism on a Ventilator: The Impact of COVID-19 in China & the U.S. will provide an update to the book, including where China and the U.S. are now in pandemic management, the United States’ hybrid war against China, and how vaccine wars are hurting the most vulnerable people. A Q and A will follow.

Danny Haiphong in a review for Black Agenda Report writes about the book: 

“What one learns from Capitalism on a Ventilator is that the economic and human cost of the pandemic was far from inevitable. An entire section of the book is devoted to China’s solidarity with the rest of the world in the fight against COVID-19. After four months of difficult struggle, China successfully contained the pandemic and immediately diverted masks, testing kits, medical personnel, ventilators and other forms of assistance to countries across Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. The U.S. received generous donations of medical equipment from China during the first wave of the pandemic. China was also the first country to declare that its COVID-19 vaccine would be a public good.”

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