Sanctions Kill Campaign mobilizes for actions March 13-15

New York City

Beginning in the fall of 2019, anti-war and progressive activists became increasingly concerned that the United States had weaponized its control of the dollar. Using a form of economic warfare, the U.S. had imposed sanctions on 39 countries. Among them were Zimbabwe, Libya and Mali in Africa; Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela in Latin America; Syria, Yemen and Iran in the Middle East; Burma and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in Asia; and Belarus and Russia in Europe.  

A group of activists, who were working on anti-sanctions campaigns in particular countries or areas, joined together as the Sanctions Kill Campaign and started meeting to plan an international campaign to oppose all the sanctions imposed by the U.S. In 15 different languages, they have issued a call for demonstrations and meetings for March 13-15 and have drawn an international response.

The most recent organizing meeting, held Feb. 1 at the Solidarity Center here, was chaired by members of the December 12th Movement and the International Action Center, and attended by representatives of the Venceramos Brigade, CODEPINK, the Venezuelan Embassy Protectors Collective, Peoples Power Assembly-New York City and Socialist Action; members of the Ecuadorean, Honduran and Palestinian communities; and progressive unions, including the National Writers Union (UAW Local 1981) and Progressive Staff Congress. 


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