Please provide a #GivingTuesday gift donation to a prisoner

“Inmates need Workers World papers. When you’re locked up, you need an intellectual light to shine through the darkness of state oppression. If you’re a free person reading this, and you care about the struggle against mass incarceration, please take out a subscription for an incarcerated person. It means more than you could possibly imagine.”

 — Makasi Motema

Please consider a subscription to Workers World Patreon as your choice for a #GivingTuesday donation. Donate today at

Workers World is an independent, revolutionary communist newspaper circulated for over 60 years and the only one printed weekly for the last 45 years. We are committed to building solidarity among workers and oppressed peoples around the globe. For that reason Workers World has always provided FREE subscriptions and other radical printed materials to prisoners in the U.S. One in three subscribers to Workers World is a person who is currently behind bars — in hundreds of prisons across dozens of states.

WE NEED YOUR HELP to provide even more prisoners with FREE subscriptions to Workers World!

We receive hundreds of phone calls, letters and subscription requests from prisoners. In addition to the work we do fighting racism, imperialism, gender oppression and labor exploitation every day, we need the resources to keep operating the only revolutionary communist printed weekly in this country.

These resources also allow us to continue our daily work of organizing defense committees, coordinating prison visits, planning demonstrations and mass mobilizations for prisoners, and shedding light on prison conditions.

Donating now is an immediate way you can help fight this racist, capitalist system and empower our readers to tear down the walls once and for all. Donate today at

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