We demand the resignation of Pedro Pierluisi & the dictatorial fiscal control board

The following statement was issued by A Call to Action on Puerto Rico on Aug. 4. The organization can be contacted at [email protected], on their Facebook Page: A Call to Action on Puerto Rico and on Instagram: prcalltoaction. 

The collective A Call to Action on Puerto Rico / Un Llamado a la Acción por Puerto Rico from the Diaspora celebrates Ricardo Rosello’s resignation.  It is a triumph of a people already fed up with the political, economic and social abuses perpetrated by the United States and its colonial administrators against the people of Puerto Rico.

Our people demand the end of colonialism and the destitution of all representatives of the colonial empire. We understand that the quick replacement of Pedro Pierluisi as colonial governor is an attempt of the metropolis through his dictatorial Fiscal Control Board and its colonial lackeys to try to appease the just indignation of the people, reestablish its colonial control and maintain order.

Puerto Ricans in the archipelago and Diaspora, from all sectors of society, made their demands in the streets. Their protests made clear that they will not accept any government of corrupt and unscrupulous blanquitos, nor the dictates of a Fiscal Control Board imposed by the U.S. There will be no peace for the empire nor for their colonial lackeys.  It is time for decolonization. It’s time for a Free Puerto Rico! #Rossellórenuncia #Telegramgate #IndependenciaparaPuertoRico  #esadeudanoesnuestra #cancelthedebt #ACalltoActiononPuertoRico


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