NYC: Support laundromat workers on May Day 2019

On May Day in New York City, there will be a demonstration on Wall Street at 2 p.m. in front of the Trump building. However, International Workers’ Day will actually begin earlier that day at 12 noon with a Workers Solidarity Day action to support the laundromat workers at TYS Laundry in East Harlem.

For years, these laundromat workers were making less than minimum wage and were never even provided protective gear to help them deal with filthy laundry. Since last June, when their struggle began, the workers have won better wages and safer working conditions, but are continuing to fight for back pay to compensate for years of wage theft.

The Laundry Workers Center has assisted these and many other migrant workers who face the most exploitative and oppressive conditions: illegal wage theft, lack of safety, and verbal and sexual abuse. This important solidarity action is part of the launch of the International Workers Solidarity Network. The action will start at 12 noon at 215 East 116th St. Following the rally, participants will take the subway to join the demonstration on Wall Street.   

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