In Austin, Texas, left activists unite to support Bolivarian Venezuela

On Feb. 2, a staunch coalition of activists in Austin demonstrated their support for the Venezuelan people and the Bolivarian Revolution against the U.S.-backed right-wing coup now being attempted there.

Members of the Austin branch of Workers World Party were joined in solidarity with activists from the Party for Socialism and Liberation, Democratic Socialists of America, Communist Party USA, Austin Anti-War Coalition, EcoSocialists and several independents.

The demonstration, lasting roughly two hours, received many excited honks of support from the working-class people of southeast Austin who were out running errands before the next day’s Super Bowl festivities. 

Many pedestrians also stopped to ask questions about the demonstration and current situation in Venezuela, with several inquiring about how they could become involved. Flyers with WWP’s statement about the coup were given out to nearly 100 people, who asked for additional information while waiting for traffic lights to change.  

After the demonstration, several organizers expressed optimism about the future of the working-class movement in Austin and the domestic struggle against U.S. imperialism. Plans for follow-up events in Austin, in order to bring more light on the situation in Venezuela and U.S. terror in Latin America, are well underway.

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