Oscar Lopez Rivera, Puerto Rican independence fighter and former U.S. political prisoner, kicks off southern California tour

Workers World Party and the International Action Center were guests at an invitation-only luncheon with Oscar Lopez Rivera, former political prisoner and heroic Puerto Rico independence fighter, on Feb. 4, in Los Angeles. In spite of undergoing torture and 35 years of incarceration by the U.S. government, Lopez remains in Puerto Rico’s independence struggle and strongly supports the struggles of working and oppressed peoples in the U.S. and worldwide.

This activity kicked off Lopez’s week-long tour of southern California, where he will be speaking on “Decolonization, Hurricanes and Solidarity.” John Parker and Scott Scheffer of the IAC and WWP are proudly pictured here with Oscar Lopez Rivera.

(Photo: Lawrence Reyes of the Puerto Rican Alliance)

(Photo: Lawrence Reyes of the Puerto Rican Alliance)

Workers World Los Angeles bureau

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Workers World Los Angeles bureau

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