Heat the schools – fire the cops!

Around 100 people took to the chilly streets of Baltimore on Jan. 13 for a spirited march under the slogan “Heat the schools. Fire the cops.”

Called by the People’s Power Assembly, the march also featured contingents from Service Employees 1199, Fight for 15, Workers World Party, Democratic Socialists of America, Baltimore Green Party and students from Johns Hopkins University. The last group included, but was not limited to, Students for a Democratic Society, Students for Justice in Palestine, the Black Student Union, and Diverse Sexualities and Genders Alliance.

Workers World comrade Lee Patterson emceed a stirring rally at McKeldin Square, decrying the Democrats and Republicans alike and urging the crowd to fight for revolutionary socialism in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

Representatives from different contingents took the mic to decry the neoliberal austerity measures put in place by liberal city officials. These regulations have led to crises such as the lack of heat in the schools, widespread opiate addiction and police terror.

Spurred by brilliant agitation from Workers World comrade Rasheed Green, the spirited, lively, militant marchers took the streets as the police swarmed and flocked around them. Defiant chants exposed the Baltimore Police Department, including “How do you spell corruption? BPD!” and “Whose streets? Our streets!”

Despite police aggression, intimidation and siren noise interference, the march held strong and stayed in the streets. The demonstrators continued, marching on the police headquarters and rallying outside, under the surveillance of dozens of Baltimore police officers. Speakers drew the parallel between the police occupation of Baltimore and police occupation of Palestine.

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