FIST publishes ‘Red Flag’

Red FlagThe revolutionary socialist youth group Fight Imperialism, Stand Together (FIST) has begun publishing a quarterly magazine entitled “Red Flag.” The magazine contains articles about ongoing struggles against injustice and oppression as well as the revolutionary science of Marxism-Leninism.

The first issue, now available, contains the following articles: “Think Revolution Is Impossible? Check out Ferguson, Missouri”; “Justice for Michael Brown: End Racist Police Killings”; “The National Question and Black Liberation”; “Baltimore Youth Slam New Curfew Laws”; “The Central American Child Migrant Crisis and Neoliberalism”; “FIST Salutes Palestinian Resistance! We Must Do Our Part to End Imperialism”; “FIST Stands with Palestinians in D.C.”; “In Detroit, Water Is Not a Human Right”; “Why We Defend Workers’ States”; and “Why We Are Marching Against Capitalism.”

Contact local FIST or Workers World Party activists about ordering individual print copies or bulk orders for distribution.

A PDF file of Red Flag Issue 1 is available at

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