False alarm

‘Heresy is another word
for freedom of thought.’

– Graham Greene

The “Great Pretenders” are at it again with their “the sky is falling” routine. Both the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police and key members of the Pennsylvania State Legislature are sounding a false alarm against Mumia Abu-Jamal, using the boy-who-cried-wolf syndrome to generate support because the world-renowned freedom fighter and journalist accepted an invitation on Oct. 5 to address the graduating class of Goddard College in Vermont by telephone! Mumia is a Goddard graduate.

Graduating students like Kevin Price and his classmates made the courageous decision to invite Abu-Jamal to make the address, which had the college administration’s approval. Goddard has a well-earned academic and intellectual tradition of encouraging students to think for themselves.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett and state Rep. Mike Vereb are now leading the charge for enactment of a law that would seek to ban Abu-Jamal from future communications of this type.

Having failed, miserably, in totally dissuading the world court of public opinion to abandon the belief in Abu-Jamal’s innocence, the FOP continues to work hand in glove with some of Pennsylvania’s top lawmakers in maintaining the lie about this gallant journalist and freedom fighter’s guilt.

Forensic evidence that scientifically points to Abu-Jamal’s innocence in the murder of former police officer Daniel Faulkner has been bluntly suppressed for more than three decades! Brother Abu-Jamal’s “only” crime is his refusal to be subdued and the endurance of his expansive political beliefs and philosophy in defiance of more than 30 years of false imprisonment. He remains an uncompromising symbol of righteous resistance!

The arguments against Abu-Jamal are sheer fakeries and must continue to be strongly rejected at every turn! The struggle to free this extraordinary human being will not rest until that is done.

History fights at the side of Mumia and has, long-ago, absolved him!

Henry Hagins is a member of the Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition (NYC)

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