Union leader responds to tragedy in Ferguson

This Aug. 14 message, posted at cwa-union.org, is from Claude Cummings, Communication Workers of America vice president of District 6 and Executive Board Diversity Committee chair of the same union.

CWA members live and work in every part of Missouri, including Ferguson. They deserve, and our union will support them in securing:

  • A full and transparent investigation into the circumstances of Mike Brown’s death and full accountability for anyone involved in any wrongdoing.
  • Protection for their rights to go to and from their homes and places of work, for their right to assemble, and for their right to document and report on the events in Ferguson.
  • Investment in the community of Ferguson and all struggling communities in Missouri that remove the longstanding barriers to employment and full participation in community life standing in the paths of too many of our youth.

Our union is part of the Ferguson and St. Louis community. Our members will be there in the long struggle for social and economic justice and democracy. Our prayers and thoughts are with the family of Mike Brown and for peace in Ferguson.

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