Communist Party of Turkey: ‘Turkey will always remember you!’

The following statement was written by the Communist Party of Turkey, Central Office, on May 14:

• All of Turkey is a crime scene for workers.

• The bosses’ thirst for profit is behind this last massacre.

• AKP [Justice and Development Party] government is the instigator of this crime.

• Mining sector should be nationalized under the scientists’ and the workers’ organizations’ full authority for inspection.

It is clear that the miners in Soma have fallen victim to the bosses’ drive for the maximization of profits. The whole country has turned into a crime scene in all work sectors with a series of murders. Ports, shipyards, construction, textile, mining … ENOUGH!

Is anyone surprised that safety issues related to Soma mines have been brought up in the Parliament and swept under the carpet by the government?

Is it an exception that all technical and safety rules have been violated in this mine?

Is it surprising that the authorities, with a foolish obstinacy, have all day attempted to hide information on the death toll and the current situation in the mine?

Or is it a surprise that the mine in question is a privately owned mine?

Citizens, Worker brothers [and sisters],

We can’t just let this pass by simply saying, “Well, human life is not worth anything in this country” while our people are being slaughtered. We are RISING UP against the attack of capital, ignorance, impassivity against humanity!

The Communist Party of Turkey calls on the people to stand in solidarity with the mine workers and to take action to bring the criminals to justice.

Two precautions need to be taken very urgently:

One: In all the sectors where death runs rampant, work safety procedures should be under the control of committees formed by scientists, engineers and workers. Bosses and their managers who have lost their humanity and who are blinded by money cannot be entrusted with our lives.

Two: Private enterprise in the mining sector should be abolished and all mines should be nationalized.

If we don’t act, we will have contented ourselves with only stating the fact that hundreds of workers have been ignominiously slain.

But if we do act, the Soma miners will turn into heroes who have sacrificed themselves in order to save their other brothers [and sisters] from the bane of their lives.

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