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March is Women’s History Month, when Workers World makes a special effort to cover women’s issues, especially struggles that have advanced the rights of women. Given Workers World Party’s role in reviving the militant tradition of International Women’s Day in the streets of New York in 1970, we always commemorate this socialist holiday with a roundup of activities by women in struggle all over the world. This year we’re also featuring a series of articles on women in the 20th century who made significant contributions to science and society.

As Marxists we also want to make history — the kind of huge changes that will turn society upside down and put the workers and the oppressed in the driver’s seat. One current struggle of the People’s Power Assemblies is fighting for $15 an hour for low-wage workers. This is really a woman’s issue since 65 percent of low-wage workers are women, with a huge number of them women of color. In the fast-food industry, for example, 36 percent of low-wage workers over the age of 20 are single mothers.

The current denial of unemployment and food stamps is a profound attack on hundreds of thousands of working people, but the responsibility for caring for families traditionally falls on women. Deliberately pushing people into poverty, with homelessness and starvation real possibilities, must be seen as a direct attack on women and their fight for reproductive justice. If a woman can’t get a job or adequately feed her family, that seriously affects her “freedom to choose” to have children or care for the ones she has.

How long can such conditions be tolerated? Workers World is eager to report on the many battles led by women that are sure to arise against ruling-class imposed austerity.

If you appreciate WW’s articles on women workers and the struggle for reproductive justice, it’s time to join the Workers World Supporter Program and help build the newspaper. We established the WWSP in 1977 so readers could help us publish anti-racist, working-class truth and build the many campaigns needed to make qualitative, revolutionary change.

You can become a member of the Supporter Program by contributing a lump sum of $75, $100, $300 or more.

Or send a monthly donation starting with as little as $6, $10 or $25.

Send your check made out to Workers World, 147 W. 24th St., 2nd Fl., New York, NY 10011.

Include your address, email and phone number, and let us know if we can include you in our 2014 Supporter Program.

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