International unions salute WWP conference

Here are excerpts from some of the many international messages received by Workers World Party in recognition of its national conference Nov. 16-17.

Colombia: SINALTRAINAL union

From Colombia we send you a huge embrace and all our energy.

In Colombia great struggles are coming similar to those developed by different social sectors during the months of September and October.

On Nov. 9 we experienced the murder of another member of Sinaltrainal, which makes 25 murders in 25 years; they have scarred our consciences. We invite you to continue fighting with other peoples of the world to eliminate the real cause of these crimes — the seizure of the wealth of humanity in very few hands, increasingly few.

Workers World Party has been for many years with our people, supporting us, encouraging us, giving us its words of encouragement, its embrace of solidarity. … Proletarian internationalism has been a tool that has helped us to continue living and building paths to the future.

Another big hug and success with your conference … which will also affect our lives in Colombia.

Edgar Páez, Sinaltrainal National Leadership, Colombia

Cuba: Workers Central of Cuba (CTC)

Havana, Nov. 13, 2013. ‘Year 55 of the Revolution’

Cuban workers are involved, along with all our people, in updating our economic model, in which we intend — and we are sure we will succeed — to consolidate our socialism and make the Cuban revolution stronger.

At this time we are in the final stage of preparation for the 20th Congress of the CTC, which will hold its sessions at the end of next February, preparations from which our organization has emerged greatly strengthened at all levels to carry into practice the work objectives for the next five years, to be approved in our 20th Congress.

Hasta la victoria siempre,

Anibal Melo Infante, official, Area
North America-Caribbean

Ecuador: Workers Center/
Workers United Front (CTE/FUT)
Quito, Nov. 14, 2013

We, on behalf of the Confederation of Workers in Ecuador (CTE), send our message to all participants at this important event, which certainly is part of the construction of a valid alternative, which allows workers to advance toward the construction of our main goal: bringing the working class to power.

The Confederation of Workers of Ecuador is committed today to clarify a political proposal addressing the crisis that allows us to take valid action to seek mechanisms that quantitatively and qualitatively influence the radicalization of this process. The development and creation of a new Labor Code, Social Security, training, modernization and professionalization of the workers, sovereignty of food production, of labor, employment and full employment are among other factors that in some way contribute to the amalgamation of separate, vulnerable sectors; with the responsibility of the Central to impart to each of the workers the character of consciousness and organization.

We support the just aspirations of the workers and school bus drivers in Boston, defending the people against imperialist intervention in Syria and so much more.

In solidarity,

Edgar L. Correa Sarango, President, CTE, President in turn of the FUT

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