Join solidarity delegation to Honduras

The International Action Center along with Honduras USA Resistencia and other national solidarity organizations, including the Honduras Solidarity Network, are organizing a delegation to Honduras in solidarity with the resistance movement. The delegation will be eyewitnesses for the historic presidential election that is scheduled to take place on Nov. 24. The presidential candidate is Xiomara Castro Zelaya, a leader of the resistance, and the vice-presidential candidate is Juan Barahona, a union and also a resistance leader.

The delegation will be hosted by the Frente Nacional de Resistencia Popular, a coalition of worker, peasant, Indigenous, LGBTQ, women’s, Garifuna, Afro-Honduran and student organizations.

The IAC delegation will be in Honduras for four to seven days. The cost of the trip (including airfare, hotels, transfers, food and incidentals) will be approximately $1,200. Hundreds of activists are already making plans to travel to Honduras representing dozens of organizations. Report backs will be held following the trip in dozens of cities to help build the U.S. solidarity movement with Honduras.

Since 2009, when a U.S.-supported coup ousted legally elected President Mel Zelaya, a wave of repression has swept the country. But despite this, the people’s movement is strong, vibrant and fighting back, demanding the rights of workers and all sectors of society. With the growing repression in Honduras, solidarity inside the U.S. is critical.

Members of the delegation must have a valid passport. Holders of a U.S. passport do not require an entry visa. Citizens of other countries should check online to the particular requirements.

Those interested in traveling to Honduras as a member of the IAC delegation or to donate to the trip, contact either Teresa Gutierrez at 212-633-6646, Michael Kramer at [email protected] or Lucy Pagoada at 917-396-0204. For more information, visit

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