Letter to the editor: Compassionate release for Lynne Stewart NOW!

Attorney Lynne Stewart is being held hostage by the State — the federal government. She is valiantly fighting both her unjust imprisonment and a serious bout of cancer. Time is a critical element in both instances. Lynne Stewart’s imprisonment is payback for her unrelenting defense of the poor and oppressed over decades in this complex and hypocritical society. Truth be known, she’s committed NO CRIME worthy of such harsh, cruel, and vindictive application. To paraphrase Fidel: What they (the imperialists) fear most is Lynne Stewart’s example.

Urgent pleas have gone out to the warden where sister Lynne is being held against her will; against the loving wishes of her family, colleagues, supporters, sister inmates, and internationalists the world over.

All of them ask for the granting of “compassionate-release” of Lynne due to the extreme health crisis confronting her daily. Prisons by definition are inadequate institutions to deal with such needs. Wardens in the world’s largest Prison House of Nations know this.

He, the warden, says that “prison guidelines” tie his hands and he is limited to following the established time schedule; as if the idea of extenuating circumstances is a foreign language to him. Hogwash. The Empire will not crumble with its compassionate release of Lynne Stewart. Behind Attica, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, Kabul, etc., who is the U.S. to talk about hands being tied?

In a sane, decent, and humane society, Lynne Stewart’s life’s work would be celebrated, enshrined, and encouraged to the max. Not here. What does that tell you?

Demand Lynne’s release in the hundreds of thousands. Night and day!! NOW!!!

Henry Hagins
Take Back WBAI Coalition
New York City
April 5

Go to iacenter.org/LynneStewartPetition to sign to demand her immediate release.

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