Comandante Chávez honored in Chicago

Chicago — A tribute to a great revolutionary took place on March 8 at Calles y Sueños, a center for art and culture in the heart of Chicago’s South Side Pilsen neighborhood. Many people came to honor the legacy of late Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez Frías.

Venezuelan Consul Jesus Rodriguez thanked everybody, especially La Voz de los de Abajo, for their support and solidarity. He said that the solidarity they have been receiving “gives the Venezuelan people hope and courage and also sends a message to the world that Chávez was doing something good when you see so many people mourning his death.”

He continued, “If the opposition thinks we are lost and we don’t know what to do, they are wrong. We already know what to do. We are empowering the people and providing the tools to do so. The Venezuelan people are more united than ever.

“Chávez was accused of being a monster but in reality he was a great person. He created Mercosur [Common Market of the South], ALBA [Bolivarian Alliance of the Americas] and Petrocaribe [Energy Cooperative Agreement signed by 14 Caribbean nations in 2005] and promoted regional integration. Venezuela is a better place, thanks to el Comandante Chávez.

“Religious leaders prayed for Chávez, remembering the great person he was.

“The Venezuelan people are not alone. They have the Second Socialist Plan as their guide. He left us physically but is still here spiritually.”

The speakers congratulated all women on International Women’s Day, saying Comandante Chávez would never forgive them if they didn’t.

A representative of Workers World Party signed the book expressing condolences and support. President Chávez will be missed. ¡Chávez Frías, presente, hoy y siempre! n

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