We are the future! The future is socialism!

A call from youth to attend the Workers World Party Conference, Nov 17-18

The following statement was issued by the national youth fraction of Workers World Party.

Anger at capitalism’s war against young people is growing daily. Across the world, millions of young people have taken to the streets fighting back against austerity, injustice and endless war.

Young people are responding to the systemic crisis of capitalism. Plagued with overproduction, speculation and exploitation, capitalism has far outlived any usefulness. The capitalist system’s history and future is one of injustice, atrocities, racism and war.

What is the way forward? How do we build a multinational, working-class, revolutionary movement? These are the questions that we will be answering at the Workers World Party National Conference in New York City on Nov. 17-18. We believe that now is the time to build a movement capable of ending the capitalists’ racist, sexist, exploitative and anti-LGBTQ system of private property. It’s time for youth to lead the charge for socialism.

Youth are under attack by capitalism, racism, police and more!

Under capitalism, youth have no future beyond wage slavery, poverty, a more than $1 trillion student debt and incarceration. The current youth employment situation, which has been drastically worsened by the capitalist economic crisis, shows that the capitalists have only low-wage jobs, unemployment and prisons for our generation.

The attacks against youth are growing more vicious by the day. We are outraged by cases such as that of the transgender woman, Cece McDonald, who faced 42 years in prison for defending herself from a racist, anti-trans attack. We demand justice for Trayvon Martin, who was lynched by the vigilante racist, George Zimmerman. We stand with the thousands of undocumented youth unjustly denied their human rights and deported from their families. We demand freedom for our anti-racist, anti-fascist comrades of the Tinley Park 5 from Indiana, who still sit in prison for confronting a right-wing hate group conference. There are countless more young people victimized by this system.

Yet capitalism’s days are numbered.

Youth must lead the fight for our future!

Young people around the world are leading the global fightback against capitalist crises. One tremendous example has been the youth and students in Quebec, who continue to lead a militant struggle to defend their right to an education and a future. Through this mass struggle, they have won back their rights to education and continue to challenge austerity and capitalism.

Young people in Egypt, Tunisia, Greece, Spain, Chile, Puerto Rico, Haiti and beyond have continued to be on the front lines of an inspiring struggle which every day broadens into a global movement against capitalism and the dictatorship of the 1%. Unity and solidarity continue to be our best weapons to counter the capitalist attacks and to build a world of respect, dignity and people’s power, which is socialism.

We need an organization that fights for our future; the future is socialism!

To build unity and solidarity, we need to be coordinated in our fightback for the right to jobs, education and our needs. Only through building an organization which has a vision for the future, a vision based on real people’s power, combined with a scientific view of history and led by militant activists who focus on building the struggle, will we be able to accomplish the historic feat of overthrowing capitalism.

The young people in Workers World Party are building this organization. We invite you to learn more about our Party and about how we are leading struggles across the country against the attacks on young people, the working class, and oppressed people here and abroad.

Join us at the Workers World Party National Conference, Nov. 17-18 in NYC!

Our Party conference is a tremendous way to learn about Workers World Party, our work and our socialist vision for the future! We invite you to take part in discussions about how we can broaden and deepen our work, while learning from other activists involved in community, labor, anti-war and anti-austerity struggles. You will learn about how you can join an organization that stands up in defense of youth around the world who are resisting capitalism, imperialism, racism, sexism and anti-LGBTQ bigotry.

Down with capitalism! Build a Workers World!

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