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Ferguson ruling ignites prairie fire of protest

By November 27, 2014
BostonWW photo: Liz Green

tk Solidarity and power of the people Nov. 26 — Fifty people were arrested last night in Boston for attempting to shut down Interstate 93. Several were arrested in Providence, R.I., for helping to shut down I-95. Ferguson activists have called for a nationwide walkout from schools and work on Dec. 1. The governing authorities […]


Shut down migrant detention center!

Shut down migrant detention center!

Hundreds of people from across the country marched to the Stewart Detention Center in rural southwestern Georgia on Nov. 21, demanding the for-profit prison be shut down. Operated by Corrections Corporation of America, the medium security facility holds upwards of 1,900 immigrant detainees. Among the many youth who participated in the demonstration were a group […]


Judge rebuffs struggle to stop Detroit water shut-offs

Thousands demand water in Detroit, July 18.WW photo: Kris Hamel

Federal bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes has continued his anti-people legal reasoning by denying a motion to reconsider his earlier decision not to halt water shut-offs in Detroit. Since January, some 31,000 households have been subjected to a concerted policy of massive termination of water services. Even though officials of the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department […]


In defense of rebellion in Ferguson

By November 25, 2014
Philadelphia, Nov. 24.WW photo: Joseph Piette

Members of the Ferguson and St. Louis, Mo., communities started gathering in front of the notorious Ferguson police station on Nov. 24, hours before the pro-cop state prosecutor, Bob McCullough, announced to the whole world the grand jury findings on whether a white police officer, Darren Wilson, would be indicted for killing an 18-year-old African-American […]


Frame-up trial of Boston school bus drivers union leader turns into ‘Solidarity Day 7’

After two charges were dropped at hearing, union militant Stevan Kirschbaum speaks to crowd of Boston bus drivers and other supporters.WW photo: Brenda Ryan

Dorchester, Mass. — The fighting members of Boston School Bus Drivers, Steelworkers Local 8751, and their supporters from the community, labor and the political movement staged a virtual occupation of the Dorchester [Mass.] District Court on Nov. 24 at the scene of the continuing anti-union frame-up trial of USW 8751 grievance chair and founder, Stevan […]



By November 24, 2014
Michael Brown

PROTEST FERGUSON GRAND JURY VERDICT JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL BROWN NYC EMERGENCY PROTEST TOMORROW TUES ►NOV 25 5 pm Union Square • NYC (North Side of Square on 17th Street) Peoples Power Assembly and Other Justice Forces http://peoplespowerassemblies.org/ – Michael Brown  


Capitalist crisis, Ferguson and state repression


Nov. 22 — Whatever happens with the Darren Wilson case, one thing is certain: The rebellion and resolve of the people in Ferguson, Mo., particularly the African-American youth, are not an accident. The Black population of Ferguson has been subject to all the forces bearing down upon the workers and oppressed in the U.S. In […]


Long live a free Puerto Rico!

Berta Joubert-CeciWW photo: Bert Joubert-Ceci

Excerpted from a talk by Berta Joubert-Ceci to the Workers World Party national conference in New York City, Nov. 15-16. We are seeing the effects and the consequences of this stage of capitalism — what we have called “capitalism at a dead end.” The intensification of the attacks at all levels on working people, on […]


Build workers’ assemblies!

Steven CeciWW photo: Brenda Ryan

Talk given by Steven Ceci at the 2014 National Conference of Workers World Party in New York City. First, I would like to congratulate Comrade Tommy for his courageous decision as a McDonald’s worker to go on strike and be arrested. We also want to salute the Walmart workers who, this past Thursday, took the […]


Racism and the underfunding of Philadelphia schools

Betsey PietteWW photo: Brenda Ryan

Betsey Piette, of the Philadelphia branch of Workers World Party, gave this talk at the WWP national conference, held on Nov. 15-16 in New York City. In 2014, the discretionary budget for one Philadelphia elementary school was just $160 — roughly the cost of a family’s weekly groceries. It was meant to provide books, postage, […]