Community outrage over Utica police killing of teenager

Nyah Mway

A heartbroken and outraged community in Utica, New York, is demanding answers and justice after the June 28 killing of 13-year old Nyah Mway.

Mway and a friend were profiled, stopped and frisked by Utica police. A terrified Mway fled the encounter. He feared for his life, as many people of color do when they are stopped by police. 

Mway was carrying a pellet gun. He was tackled and beaten by police and, after being subdued, was shot dead. 

Mway, whose family name is Nyah, was a Karen refugee born in Myanmar.

At a community meeting with members of the Karen community, one attendee said, “You do not know racism. I know racism. There is a history of police dysfunction. If it was two white males, you would not have stopped them.” ( July 1)

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