Bronx Pride March: ‘There is no pride in genocide’

Bronx Anti-War Coalition contingent at Bronx, New York, Pride March, June, 22, 2024.

The following remarks were made by Bronx Anti-War Coalition queer, nonbinary activist Brandon Gonzalez at “The People’s Pride March Against Pink Washing, Gentrification and Genocide: Queer Solidarity with Palestine,” in Bronx, New York, June 22, 2024. Contact [email protected].

Pride is rooted historically in a tradition of resistance and must translate into the current climate. We cannot celebrate in the face of racist police violence, anti-trans legislation and the ongoing genocide in Gaza. There is no pride in genocide. 

As anti-imperialist Bronxites, we reject the bourgeois co-optation of queer revolt, the Zionist attempt to pinkwash the genocide in Gaza and the consistent pushing out of Bronxites by capitalist real estate developers. 

While many of our trans siblings are unable to afford the health care necessary for gender reaffirming care, those in the Zionist entity are allotted free health care with our tax dollars. 

Politicians use pinkwashing to gain our votes and then use their power to bankroll Israeli occupation while failing to protect trans rights.

Over 500 anti-queer and anti-trans laws have been proposed or passed in over 40 states.  Pride parades are marching with the same Zionist-aligned politicians,  connected  to weapons manufacturers, banks and imperialist NGOs that contribute to the strangling of queer life abroad.  This is why we say “No to pinkwashing!” 

LGBTQ+ rights will NOT be used as a cover for genocide in Palestine or imperialist aggression against nations like Haiti, Cuba and beyond. Queer and trans people will not be used to beat the drums of war and genocide anywhere on the globe. 

The struggle never began with representation and assimilation into the colonial/capitalist system. Our struggle is for the liberation of all peoples from the grasp of the U.S. Empire. 

Same struggle, same fight, Gaza and the Bronx unite! 

This talk was lightly edited. 


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