UW: Seattle students demand ‘Divest from Israel’

Some 300 University of Washington students marched on April 4 on the administration building, and then to the student union building, the HUB. After a rally at the HUB, about 50 students rushed inside and held an overnite sit-in.

The students demanded the school divest from Israel and cut all ties with Boeing, a major death-dealing weapons supplier in the U.S.-Israeli war against Palestine. Boeing has a huge involvement on the campus. Students also demanded that UW officials end their repression of students, workers and faculty who are pro-Palestine freedom.

WW Photo: Jim McMahan

The United Front for Palestinian Liberation, which represents a number of anti-war, pro-Palestine and students of color organizations, led the protest.
The demonstration called out UW President Ana Marie Cauce with a lead banner reading, “Cauce Complicit.”

The students argue that President Cauce has blatantly upheld the Boeing company’s presence at the university. The university is continuing its collaboration in the genocide of Palestinians. Boeing has a $10 million investment in an engineering building on campus, to give only one example.

Students planned an “Anti-Militarism Walking Tour” at the university for the next day, April 5. They pledged to escalate the struggle against the genocidal war on Gaza as the U.S. and Israeli atrocities increase.

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