Portland demonstrates for a free Palestine

Portland protesters at the latest demonstration and march on March 16, calling for an end to the occupation of Palestine.  Chea Berra said, “It’s important to help the millions who Zionist Israel wants completely eliminated, including grandparents, pregnant mothers, babies, whole families simply because they were born and live. Have people seen the photos on social media? Israel is mowing them down as if they were trash. Why are people okay with that?”

John Waller, founder of the Portland End the Blockade of Cuba Coalition, drew a connection between the hardships Cubans face from the 62-year-old U.S. economic blockade of Cuba and the deaths and starvation taking place in Palestine because of the U.S.-backed Israeli genocidal war and blockade of Gaza. 

Jordan Wilke said Portland continues to demonstrate many times a week in support of a free Palestine.

–Caption and photo by Lyn Neeley

From left to right: John Waller, Chea Berra and Jordan Wilke, Portland, Oregon, March 16

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