Mumia’s health improving


The power of the people is greater than the power of the state, and together we can have an impact.  

In September 2023, Pam Africa and other visitors to Pennsylvania political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal began sounding the alarm over his health noticeably declining. He had lost weight, was anemic, had high blood pressure, an extreme flare-up of his psoriasis and his hair had fallen out.  

An innocent man, imprisoned since 1982, Mumia has experienced serious health problems, including hepatitis C, diabetes and COVID-19. In April 2021, he underwent open heart surgery but has since been denied cardiac rehabilitative care, including a healthy diet and exercise.

Upon hearing this news, the movement swung into action, putting pressure on Pennsylvania Department of Corrections officials through phone calls, faxes, postcards and letters and events educating about Mumia’s case and demanding his release. This work paid off.

Noelle Hanrahan with Prison Radio, who visits Mumia regularly, reported in early March:  “Mumia looked the best I have seen him since August. He is stable, his health is slowly improving. And the advocacy that you have engaged in for a healthy diet is making an impact. He is getting his prescribed medicines and advocating for alternatives as well! Yesterday he said, “In the last week, they served wheat bread three times! Usually, it is a rare Sunday, maybe once a month when I see anything but white bread. … This week there was a heaping pile of salad in the middle of my tray, I was shocked.”  

It is welcome news that Mumia’s health is improving, but 42 years of false imprisonment, including 29 on death row, are taking a toll. Mumia will be 70 on April 24, 2024. 

Join us in demanding his freedom!


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