Palestinian factions call for global Ramadan Flood campaign

Palestinian fighters

The following statement was issued March 3, 2024, on Resistance News Network by the Palestinian factions. It regards the Ramadan Flood campaign and the global movement to confront the Zionist occupation’s plans and the genocidal war targeting the Palestinian cause.

The Palestinian cause and the Gaza Strip are facing an unprecedented genocidal war and aggression that target all meanings of humanity, exceeds the terrorism of fascism and Nazism, disregards all norms, laws, and divine and earthly ethics in the Gaza Strip and across all Palestinian land, and destroys all aspects of life through killing, destruction, starvation, dehydration, and demolishing infrastructure. 

Through this, it aims to liquidate the Palestinian cause and execute its plans against our people through displacement, settlement, Judaization of the land and the Islamic and Christian sanctities, ethnic cleansing, and racial discrimination. 

In the face of this Zionist aggression and genocidal war, the Palestinian factions affirm the following: 

  1. We declare our full support for the global Ramadan Flood campaign and call on the living consciences around the world for the largest official and popular global mobilization on the national, regional, and international levels during the blessed month of Ramadan under the title “Ramadan Flood” in support of the justice of our cause and to pressure to stop and end the genocidal war and to thwart the “israeli” occupation’s schemes. 
  1. We call for this mobilization and global flood to include activating boycotts in all their forms and cutting off all supplies to the occupation, declaring strikes and sit-ins in public squares, and organizing marches in all capitals and cities. 
  1. We affirm the right of our people to freedom, self-determination, the return to their land and homes, and the establishment of their independent state with Al-Quds as its capital. 
  1. We reaffirm our absolute support for the resistance in facing the “israeli” occupation and driving it out of our land, as we call for the necessity of activating resistance in all its forms in all arenas and fronts, considering the blessed month of Ramadan as the month of the “Global Flood for the Victory for Palestine and Our Just Cause.” 

In conclusion: To our Palestinian people, to our Arab and Islamic nations, to the free people of the world everywhere, the Palestinian blood shed on this land – which today in the shadow of the genocidal war exceeds 130,000 including martyrs, missing, and injured in Gaza, the targeting of the West Bank with settlements and ongoing aggression, Al-Quds with Judaization, Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Islamic and Christian holy sites with desecration and raids and preventing prayer, and the racial discrimination and ethnic cleansing against our people in the occupied Palestinian interior and the spread of the Zionist entity like cancer in the body of our Arab and Islamic nation and the entire world – makes us today stand united in a global popular and official movement to face this Zionist danger and its terrorist liquidation projects that have exceeded fascism and Nazism in their ugliest forms and manifestations. 

This statement was lightly edited.


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