Resistance groups denounce U.S. attacks on Iraqi resistance

The following statements were posted on Resistance News Network in response to the U.S. attacks on the Iraqi resistance Feb. 7, 2024. 

Popular Front Central Media Department

The U.S. is the main sponsor of organized terrorism in the world.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine condemned with the strongest terms the brutal U.S. bombing that targeted the Iraqi capital, “Baghdad,” resulting in the martyrdom of the leaders in Kataeb Hezbollah of Iraq, Abu Baqer Al-Saaidi and Arkan Al-Aliawi.

This new criminal aggression on the sovereignty of Iraq and targeting its sons and leaders reaffirms that the U.S. is the main sponsor of organized terrorism in the world and the principal partner of the Zionist entity in its crimes against the peoples of the region.

The Front emphasized that this U.S. crime did not and will not go without response and will further motivate the peoples of the region and their resistance to unite and open all options to confront the Zionist-U.S. aggression in the region, targeting it with all available means of resistance until its departure from our Arab lands and ceasing its support for the Zionist entity against the Palestinian people.

The Front expressed its full solidarity with the brothers in Iraq and the Iraqi resistance against this blatant aggression, which will not achieve its goals, and U.S. and Western bases and interests will remain legitimate targets for the resistance in the region.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Feb. 8, 2024

Hamas – Islamic Resistance Movement

We strongly condemn Wednesday evening’s brutal aggression that targeted several areas of Iraq’s capital, Baghdad, which led to the martyrdom of Iraqi resistance leaders Arkan Al-Alawi and Abu Baqer Al-Saaidi. We consider this to be a violation of Iraq’s sovereignty and security, done on behalf of the Zionist occupation’s agenda and its expansionist projects.

We offer our condolences to our brotherly Iraq for the ascension of its sons, and we hold the Biden administration responsible for the escalation in the region through its supply and support for the Nazi genocidal war against our Palestinian people in Gaza. We affirm that the region will not witness stability or peace, except through the end to the Zionist occupation of our Palestinian and Arab lands.

Feb. 7, 2024

Ansarallah Political Bureau

We condemn and strongly denounce the treacherous U.S. criminal attack that led to the martyrdom of the fighter commander Abu Baqer Al-Saaidi and a number of his comrades in Baghdad.

The assassination of the commander in the Popular Mobilization Forces and his comrades is a cowardly criminal aggression that comes in the context of U.S. support for the Zionist entity.

The targeting of the martyr fighter Abu Baqer Al-Saadi represents an aggression against the entire Iraqi people.

The U.S. aggression indicates the extent of the impact and effectiveness of the strikes of the Iraqi resistance in support of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

The American aggression reflects the U.S. -“israeli” inability to stop the strikes of the Islamic Resistance in Iraq.

The U.S. presence in Iraq and the region is a major reason for destabilizing security and stability and protecting the Zionist entity.

These repeated U.S. attacks on the nations’ peoples will not affect their supportive stance for the Palestinian people.

We offer condolences to the Iraqi people and the Islamic Resistance in Iraq and congratulate them for their great sacrifices in defending the Palestinian people.

Palestinian Mujahideen Movement Information Office

We strongly condemn the new U.S. aggression against Iraq, which targeted prominent leaders of the Iraqi Kataeb Hezbollah. This new aggression reflects the Biden administration’s insistence on igniting the region by continuing to protect Zionist criminals and its violation of the sovereignty of the Arab countries that came to support the bereaved Gaza.

The U.S. administration will not succeed in restoring its prestige, which was torn apart by the strikes of the resistance forces in the nation, and the continuation of aggression and arrogance will not bring security to the U.S. forces or the criminal Zionist entity.

We stress the necessity of uniting and unifying efforts in the nation to confront the U.S.-Zionist aggression that sheds the blood of Muslims and Arabs and violates its land and sovereignty.

Feb. 7, 2024

The statements were lightly edited.

Representatives of united Palestinian resistance organizations.

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