Beware U.S. imperialism’s war on Iran

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Will the escalation in bombing by the U.S. and British air forces against people in Syria, Iraq and Yemen lead to a regional war with Iran?

Despite declarations from President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin that they seek no war with Iran, every day the genocide in Gaza continues brings that war closer. Every bomb and rocket the U.S. Air Force launches against the region expands the war.

The leaders of U.S. and British imperialism will claim they are “retaliating” for attacks on ships or the killing of three U.S. soldiers. The corporate media will blame “Iran-backed terrorists.” The truth is otherwise.

U.S. air and naval bases near Iran.

Workers World warns our readers to refuse to believe a word from Biden, Blinken and Austin regarding war. Refuse to believe the corporate media. They lie. 

They form the Executive Committee of U.S. imperialism, which leads all of the capitalist countries that exploit human labor and plunder natural resources around the world. That’s why there are 800 U.S. bases in at least 80 countries. That’s why U.S. warships police the world. 

The imperialist ruling class dominates the military, financial, media and communications arenas to enforce its exploitation worldwide. Wherever this domination is challenged, there is no crime they won’t commit to protect and increase the profits this system produces, including waging war.

It was telling that many solidarity messages to the Lenin Centennial held in New York City Jan. 21 focused on imperialism. According to Lenin, imperialism means war.

The International Court of Justice found the charge of genocide against Israel plausible. A U.S. federal court found charges of U.S. complicity with genocide plausible. 

That means that the Axis of Resistance — anti-imperialist forces in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran — have not only the legal right, but the responsibility to obstruct Israel’s genocidal acts. And to obstruct Washington’s genocidal complicity.

The Ansarullah government of Yemen, for example, says Israel must cease the genocide or Yemen’s fighters will harass ships using the Red Sea to supply Israel. Because the Yemenis are trying to stop genocide, the U.S. and Britain are bombing them. 

Because other forces in the Axis of Resistance have fired on U.S. bases in the region, the Pentagon targets them. And the U.S. military threatens Iran with war.

The U.S. is on the verge of a war of aggression against Iran. The imperialists also target Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Iraq. Biden and his cronies threaten to sacrifice millions of people in West Asia and thousands of U.S. soldiers to protect and expand imperialist profits worldwide, as well as to allow Israel’s genocide in Gaza.

Israel, despite all its killing, is losing the battle to conquer Palestine. Washington has lost much of its remaining political capital in the region. Israel and the U.S. ruling officials are trying to reverse these losses by employing ever greater force and destruction. 

The lesson for the multinational working class in the United States is to prepare for a prolonged battle against the imperialist ruling class of the U.S. and its allies. To start out, don’t believe a word the U.S. officials say.

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