Hamas’s conditions for a ceasefire

The following statement was posted on Resistance News Network on Jan. 25, 2024.

The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas is following with great interest the deliberations of the International Court of Justice following the request submitted by South Africa to the court to stop the genocide against our people, especially in Gaza. 

In light of this, Hamas announces its position based on the fundamental principles of reciprocity and international law, represented as follows: 

  1. In the event of a decision by the court in The Hague to [demand a] ceasefire, the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas will commit to a ceasefire as long as the enemy adheres to it. 
  1. Hamas will release the “Israeli” prisoners held by it if the occupation state releases the Palestinian prisoners detained by it. 
  1. The Zionist enemy must end its 18-year blockade on Gaza and allow all necessary aid for the relief of the people and reconstruction. 
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