This is what Leninist solidarity looks like!

The International Assembly against Imperialism in Solidarity with Palestine, held Jan. 21 in New York City, exemplified the title of the old union classic, “Solidarity forever.” Representatives of working-class and national liberation movements in five continents took the time to prepare written or video messages — or spoke in person — for this historic event.

Workers World newspaper wishes to extend our profound gratitude to every resistance fighter who took part in the Assembly, making it a meaningful expression of global, anti-capitalist solidarity. 

We especially want to thank all of the representatives of the Palestinian resistance and from the other representatives of the Axis of Resistance, since the struggle connected with October 7 is right now at the center of world class struggle. 

From Palestine and the Palestinian diaspora, these include: Rabab Abdulhadi, Palestinian-born U.S. activist, educator, editor, and founding Director and Senior Scholar of Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Studies at San Francisco State University; Khaled Barakat of Masar Badil –– the Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path.

Also, Susan Abulhawa, prominent Palestinian novelist, activist and member of Workers World Party; Suzanne Adely, President of the National Lawyers Guild, Co-Director Food Chain Workers Alliance; Fouad Baker, Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) Foreign Affairs Department; Ihsan Ataya, Islamic Jihad Politburo and head of the Department of Arab and International Relations; and Dr. Amal Wahdan, former Palestinian political prisoner, organizer with One Democratic State of Palestine and founder and editor of the Arab Gazette.

Nasreddine Aamir, Director of the Yemeni News Agency, Saba’, Vice President of the AnsarAllah Media Authority.

We also thank Dr. Ibrahim Mousawi, Hezbollah member of the Lebanese Parliament and editor of the weekly newspaper al-Intiqad (Criticism) in Beirut, Lebanon; and Nasreddine Aamir, director of the Yemeni News Agency and Vice President of the AnsarAllah Media Authority.

In addition, we salute the many internationalists from Nicaragua, Venezuela, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Panamá, Chile, and Brazil in South and Central America and the Caribbean, plus the U.S. and Canada in North America; from Belgium, Britain, Denmark, France, Portugal, Spain and Ukraine in Europe; and from the International Peace Initiative –– Stop World War III; from Türkiye, straddling the continents; from the Philippines, China, Malaysia, India and Iran in Asia and the Pacific; from Cabo Verde, Kenya, Senegal and Swaziland in Africa; all who, with written or video messages, represented the solidarity and support for Palestine in much of the world.

Among U.S.-based organizations that had speakers were Workers World Party; BAYAN-USA; United National Antiwar Coalition; Party of Communists, USA; Freedom Road Socialist Organization; Laundry Workers Center; Million Worker March Movement; Marxist Youth League; and the December 12th Movement. 

And of course, huge thanks to beloved political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal for his powerful greeting to the Assembly.

Internationalism reverberated throughout the program — held to commemorate the centennial of the passing of revolutionary Marxist and leader of the Bolshevik Revolution Vladimir Lenin. Among the greatest contributions of this communist leader and his party was to build the unity of the class struggle in the imperialist countries with the movement for national liberation in the countries oppressed by imperialism. 

We thank all who participated to help bring that same spirit of Leninist solidarity to the world of 2024.

This is what solidarity looks like!

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