Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine condemns int’l naval force 

The Central Media Department of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine issued the following statement publicized by Resistance News Network on Dec. 19, 2023.  Since this statement was released, this naval force has been postponed due to lack of support from other Arab countries and U.S. allies.  Both France and Spain have backed out of participating in the force for now.  

The U.S. decision to form an international naval force in the Red Sea aims to protect the Zionist entity and threatens the security of the region and world peace.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine confirmed that the announcement by U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, from the heart of the usurping entity and in a joint press conference with the occupation leaders about forming an international naval coalition to protect the waterways in the Red Sea, reaffirms the full participation of the U.S. administration and its allies in the genocide campaign that our Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip are subjected to.

The real goal of forming this coalition is to protect the state of the entity and save it from its predicament due to the legendary steadfastness of our people and their resistance and the qualitative strikes delivered by the Yemeni armed forces against Zionist targets in southern occupied Palestine and in the Red Sea waters.

This also confirms their determination to enhance their presence and capability in the region and control its resources and wealth, posing a challenge and threat to the security of the region and international peace and security.

The Front affirmed that the U.S. administration and its tools in the region and the world’s step to form this coalition under the pretext of protecting international trade and global maritime security is a blatant lie and deception, especially with the repeated assurance of the Yemeni armed forces of their commitment to the security and safety of all passing ships, except those heading to Zionist ports.

This measure supports the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and pressures the Zionist state to allow the entry of relief and medical materials for the besieged and deprived residents of the sector, who lack food, medicine, water and the most basic elements of human life.

No complicity with imperialist aggression

The Front calls on the countries that have announced their participation in this hostile coalition to pressure the Zionist state to stop its aggression against the Palestinian people for an immediate and complete ceasefire and to lift the siege on our people, as well as to stop their aggression and criminal practices in Al-Quds, the West Bank and against Palestinian prisoners in occupation jails.

The Front also calls to refrain from participating in the aggression, covering up its brutal and bloody crimes in international institutions and forums, and to recognize the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, emphasizing that this alone is capable of achieving global peace and stability. The formation of this coalition will only increase tension and escalation in the region and will not be able to protect the temporary security of the entity.

The Front also expressed its strong condemnation of the decision of the Kingdom of Bahrain to participate in this hostile coalition and called on it to immediately retract its decision and respond immediately to the pulse of the brotherly Bahraini people, who reject all forms of normalization with the usurping zionist state.

It also calls on other countries in the region not to respond to U.S. and Western dictates and desires to participate in this coalition, to remove its cover and legitimacy, to expel its bases from the region and to stop all forms of relations and agreements with the Zionist entity.

The Front emphasizes that history will not forgive all those complicit in the aggression and those incapable of supporting our people on Palestinian land in the face of the most brutal killing and criminal machine known to history.

The Front expresses confidence that the forces of aggression, no matter how powerful and arrogant, will not be able to influence the decision of the Yemeni people and their leadership.

Greetings to the noble Yemeni people, its armed forces and its courageous and wise leadership.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (guest)

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Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (guest)

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