Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine on the Nakba anniversary

The following statement was issued by the Central Media Office for the

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine on the occasion of the 76th anniversary of the Nakba of 1948. The statement was issued by the Resistance News Network on May 15, 2024.

O masses of our heroic people:

The 76th anniversary of the Nakba of 1948 and the continuing Palestinian exile come with new and unique events of the Nakba and ongoing chapters of ethnic cleansing and genocide on the path to completing the end of the struggle and the liquidation of the existence of our people and the Palestinian cause.

Today, the greatest crime of the modern era is being committed: the same Zionist gangs with their colonial makers and their reactionary tails, in full view and hearing of the world, are carrying out the dirtiest genocide of stone and human to prove that the state of eradication, racism, settlement and Judaization is a state hostile to humanity, morally fallen and vainly trying to find its place in our region and on the ruins of the Palestinian homeland.  

Because our people, over the years of the Nakba and until now, present a living model of their love for freedom and their homeland, clinging to their historical rights and the justice of their cause, and with legendary steadfastness in the face of genocide. They are affirming that resistance continues as long as the occupation continues, and through their unparalleled living creativity are teaching the peoples of the world lessons in steadfastness, giving and belonging.

We bow to the high heads in the Gaza Strip over the past eight months, the towering figures with the experience of generations of Palestinians who have never surrendered to the arrogance and brutality of colonial power, clinging to every grain of their land’s soil. They are planting a martyr in every square meter, rooted in their soil like the olive trees, and continuing the struggle against the Zionist system in all its forms, for history and the world to stand in respect to these steadfast on the lands of the heroic epics of steadfast Gaza and all those who support them in any form of engagement with the Zionist military genocide machine.

Over the course of 76 years, the Zionist project has not and will not succeed in obliterating the Arab Palestinian national identity and falsifying the Palestinian narrative based on facts and history, relying on its usurpation of Palestine. 

The glorious October epic of Gaza revealed the reality of the Zionist system as a colonial machine and tool designated to carry out genocide on behalf of the entire colonial system, showing the lies and biases of the international community and its submission to the arrogance of U.S. colonial power. 

This confrontation reminded all the peoples of the earth of the ongoing crime against the Palestinian people — crimes inseparable from what is committed in the ongoing assaults on the occupied West Bank, including Al-Quds, nor from the racist practices targeting the political, economic and social rights of our people in the lands occupied in 1948 and nor from the suffering that our people have lived since the Nakba in the refugee camps and diaspora.

O masses of our people and our Arab nation,

Today, we and all the free people of the world face the Zionist project supported by colonial forces to complete a declared genocide war aimed at completing the Nakba of 1948, while our people and the free of our nation and the free of the world stand before a fateful challenge to regain the initiative and defeat the colonial Zionist genocide project, fighting a just battle on behalf of this nation against barbarism and colonialism and policies of the genocide of peoples and violation of their rights, defending their right to return, self-determination, freedom and dignity.

The position of the Palestinian in this world today is not the position of the victim complaining about the injustice of the killer executioner but the position of the rightful owner of a just cause who pursues the criminals of the era, the Zionists, with weapons, words, demonstrations and all forms of resistance actions against the Zionist war criminals, the position of the steadfast fighter on Palestinian land blowing up the tanks of the Zionist military killing system and inflicting strikes on the killer soldiers and officers, the steadfast defender of his right and land in Al-Quds, Nablus, Jenin and Tulkarem, and the struggler clinging to his Palestinian identity in our lands occupied in 1948 rejecting the policies of “israelization” and all forms of colonial division of the people of Palestine.

On the anniversary of the Nakba:

First: Rejecting submission to the results of the Nakba and its renewed chapters and clinging to all our historical rights in Palestine from the river to the sea.

Second: Clinging to resistance as the key to return (t.me/PalestineResist/39754), considering it the essence of the rights and the root of the struggle and to all the historical rights of our people in Palestine.

Third: Rejection and resistance to projects of displacement and ethnic cleansing along with associated liquidation plans and “the day after” concept, which means continuing the struggle to seize the rights of our people and deter the colonial Zionist project from devouring the entire region.

Fourth: The cohesion of the resistance front and its Axis with Palestinian steadfastness requires the support and real backing of all our Arab nations and humanity as a whole, escalating all forms of solidarity and struggle against the interests of the Zionist enemy and the states and governments that are partners in its ongoing crime against our people.

Fifth: Unifying the field work of the resistance in a single front that includes every fighter joining the battle against the genocide war, to form an impenetrable wall against the enemy, providing true support for our steadfast people across the national soil, and rejecting all dictates and attempts to impose guardianship over our people while clinging to our right to self-determination.

Sixth: The growing international boycott movement and solidarity with the Palestinian people and the acceptance of Palestine as a non-member observer at the United Nations necessitates mobilizing and organizing energies and efforts and providing all capabilities to continue besieging the occupation and bringing its leaders to trial, leveraging membership in international treaties and agreements, including the International Criminal Court.

Seventh: The UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) is considered the living international witness to the crime of the Nakba, and the continuation of the crime today underscores the urgent need for it to assume its legal and moral responsibilities in providing all services to Palestinian refugees wherever they are. As an international body established for this purpose, it has no right to reduce its services under any pretexts or justifications as long as there is a single refugee who has not yet returned to their land.

Salutations to our people in heroic Gaza in our lands occupied in 1948 who have withstood and resisted the schemes of their displacement and expulsion from their lands.

Salutations to our people in the refugee camps and diaspora, and loyalty to the martyrs of the resistance and to the heroes everywhere from Palestine to Lebanon, to Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Iran, to the blood shed daily over the soil of Palestine, and to the martyrs of our people who sacrificed their lives to restore and liberate Palestine, all of Palestine. Salutations to the female and male prisoners, heroes of the epic of chains and freedom, who sacrificed their freedom for ours.

We will certainly be victorious.

This statement is lightly edited.

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