Workers World message for 2024: ‘Long live Palestine!’

A slogan is circulating throughout social media: “They wanted to erase Palestine from the world; now the whole world is Palestine!” So true. Hundreds of millions of people from every corner of the globe look on in horror at Israel’s deliberate genocidal campaign against Gaza’s people — and they respond by continual, strong demonstrations in solidarity with the Palestinian people and opposing the Zionist state’s murderous siege and U.S.-imperialist collusion.

Workers World delegation at Nov. 4 demonstration in Washington, D.C., against Israel’s bombing of Gaza.  WW Photo: Joe Piette

Workers World newspaper critically reports on the catastrophic bombing of Gaza,  the destruction everywhere and the horrific number of deaths. Our staff and writers are joining the huge protests opposing Israel’s devastation and Washington’s lock-step support and provision of high-tech weapons.

A major difference between our newspaper and the big business media: WW is partisan — wholly on the side of the Palestinian people and their resistance organizations. The paper has always sided with the Palestinians against U.S.-backed Zionist aggression.

Our articles explode the corporate media’s “Big Lie” about the Zionist state’s founding and tell the truth: Israel was created in 1948 by U.S./British-backed Zionist expulsion at gunpoint of 750,000 Indigenous Palestinians from their homes, farms and villages, to live in refugee camps in Gaza or elsewhere.

WW has adhered to our principles of supporting national liberation movements by  reprinting and posting at statements published by anti-Zionist parties and resistance forces, especially since Oct. 7. Our staff vows to keep publishing the declarations issued by Palestinian resistance forces and their global allies, as well as those of other movements fighting imperialist domination and war.

Our newspaper calls for solidarity with the Palestinian people — and all exploited and oppressed peoples worldwide.

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Workers World newspaper relies on our readers’ backing. The WW Supporter Program was founded 46 years ago to help build this socialist newspaper, which prints one issue a month. Since the early 1990s, this fund has supported the website, where new articles are posted daily and the PDF of the weekly paper is displayed. contains news and analyses of global and U.S. struggles — and as quickly as possible, posts bulletins by anti-imperialist and resistance forces. Our writer-organizers report on anti-capitalist struggles and movements that oppose war, imperialism, racism — and tell of campaigns for the rights of workers, immigrants and other oppressed communities, women, youth, seniors, LGBTQ2S+ and disabled people.

While WW’s staff is voluntary, the printed issue and the website incur expenses. Although many online publications require payment to read their articles, WW does not. Our articles are free to all readers.

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