The Red Nation’s message to the Free Palestine National March on Washington

The following speech was delivered to 300,000 pro-Palestine marchers by The Red Nation co-founder Dr. Melanie Yazzie and was written by members of The Red Nation. The speech is also available in Arabic and Spanish at Video of the speech is posted at The Red Nation’s YouTube channel. (

Yá’át’ééh shíánółtso áádóó shí Diné’e áádóó shik’éi. Shíei Melanie Yazzie dashijiní. I am here today on behalf of The Red Nation.

Today, we deliver a devastating blow to colonialism. As Indigenous people of Turtle Island, we proclaim that decolonization and land back are the only forms of justice for the crimes of settler colonialism!

Native people, unfortunately, have been here before.

We know the entire history and future of Palestine because we have lived it. We endure the settler-colonial project that calls itself the United States. We survived the elimination and removal of our ancestors. We are in our fifth century of resistance. We know that Palestine’s future is a certain future because we are still here!

Yet, Palestine represents an alternative path for the Native nations of Turtle Island. In this moment of our shared history, Palestine brings us closer than ever to the promise of true self-determination for all colonized people of the world! We fulfill our ancestors’ dreams by standing with Palestine today!

Palestine is the tip of the spear that steers us all towards liberation. Settler colonialism holds nothing back and, yet, it cannot defeat those whose cries for liberation resound louder than any bomb they can drop on us! 

Colonialism is failing, crumbling under the weight of its own conceit. The fort is breached and the wagons are burning! The end of colonialism nears because the end of colonialism is inevitable!

The United States wages endless wars to maintain its position as the supreme settler colony of the world. Ours is the oldest struggle against U.S. colonialism. Now is the chance to redeem your humanity, settlers of our stolen lands, by standing with Palestine and standing with us. The end of U.S. imperialism is the only solution — for us, for Palestine, and for the world!

Mark our words. The humble people of the Earth have spoken! There is no place for colonialism on Mother Earth! For the Earth to live, colonialism must die! A free Palestine frees us all to build a future of peace and equality. Today, we join our Palestinian relatives in a righteous struggle to author a new society. 

To our relatives in Gaza, we say K’é bee nihídził — together we are strong! May our message carry far across the sea: Gaza, Gaza, you will see, Palestine will truly be free. Until liberation for all!


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