Worldwide resistance to Israeli apartheid – a right and a duty

In a movement spanning every continent, millions of people are in the streets chanting, “Free, free Palestine!” In Jakarta, Indonesia, for example, 2 million people marched against Israeli apartheid Nov. 5. 

Where there are bans or limits on Palestine solidarity actions, as in Germany and France, the people are defying the laws. The movement for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions –- BDS against Israel –- is growing despite attempts by imperialist governments to quash it.

The struggle has gone beyond protest marches and boycotts, as necessary as those are. In a “Block the Boat” action in Oakland, California, activists blocked cargo from being loaded onto or unloaded from a ship bound for Israel; the ship eventually left the Port of Oakland unloaded. 

In Massachusetts, young militants have occupied entrances to Israeli arms manufacturer Elbit and sat down inside the office of pro-Israel Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s office.  Unions in Belgium have called on their members to refuse to handle military equipment bound for Israel.

Demonstration for Palestine in defiance of German government ban, Munich, Oct. 9, 2023.

The armed resistance in occupied Palestine and neighboring countries is growing and winning. Resistance News Network (a Telegram thread with close to 75,000 subscribers) has new reports every hour of the Zionist occupation forces suffering losses, from troop fatalities to destruction of its drones, tanks and other military hardware. And because of the strength of the united armed resistance, there is a growing chorus within Israel for the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  

The Al-Aqsa Flood insurgency against Israeli apartheid, launched Oct. 7, has become a massive global uprising. Palestine is currently the epicenter of the class struggle. 

The genocidal slaughter that has taken countless lives, including thousands of children, has horrified and outraged humanity. Yet the prospect of the hated apartheid apparatus crumbling has given hope to working-class and oppressed people worldwide. 

Aiding the anti-Zionist resistance — in whatever way possible and, as Malcolm X said, “by any means necessary” — is every worker’s right and every worker’s duty.


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