Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
‘Rise, revolt, words no longer work’

This slightly edited statement was released on Oct. 31, 2023, in response to the Israeli Occupation Forces massacre of hundreds of Palestinians at the Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza.

A call from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine to all the honorable people of our nation and the free people of the world:

“In the face of the flowing blood in Gaza, words no longer work.  Rise… Revolt… Storm the embassies of the aggressor nations… Burn them… Destroy them.

Demand a halt to the flow of oil and gas to countries complicit in the aggression. Time is of the essence, and history is unforgiving… Be assured that the people of Palestine will not let you down.

“O free people, the fascist enemy seeks revenge on the Jabalia refugee camp, as well as the Nuseirat and Shati’ camps, committing horrific massacres, which exceed in brutality what the Nazis did in their dark history, using six tons of destructive U.S. bombs. 

“A tragedy that appeals to human conscience; anyone who remains silent towards this killer is complicit in the genocide and depriving Palestinians of their humanity.

“A morally, politically, and militarily defeated entity wants to claim victory over our Palestinian blood.

“The Jabalia camp is the womb of the revolution and a symbol of Palestinian resilience and resistance, standing first in the battle of honor and duty, a spirit characterized by its strength, steadfastness, and high bravery. 

“With its ground campaign, the enemy wants to cover its inevitable failure with massacres against Palestinian civilians, saluting the men of resistance in their various formations who are facing this aggression, and our steadfast people who reject displacement plans despite the genocidal war waged against them by the enemy.

“Great Gaza, with the stature of its heroes and the blood of its children, is our roots deep in the ground. It will rise from the ashes.

“Verbal stances don’t shoot down planes or prevent missiles from falling on the heads of the innocent. Therefore, we call:

– To expel the ambassadors of aggression.

– A cry of anger and dignity to stop the flow of oil and gas to countries complicit in the aggression.

– It is time to close the U.S. military bases in the Arab countries.

– For the workers’ unions in global ports to refuse to unload or load any weapon shipments from or to the Zionist entity.

“Let us trust in our people, ourselves, our dignity, our freedom, and our right to life.”

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