Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
‘The battle is ongoing, the resistance continues’

Slightly edited highlights from a statement by the Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine posted Oct. 24, 2023, on the Resistance News Network.

Salute to the heroic Palestinian people who defy the impossible, exemplifying legendary love for the homeland and affirming their worthiness of life, dignity, survival and rootedness in the land, in the face of the zionist invaders from the colonial NATO alliance.

A salute of glory to all the martyrs, the elite of this people, its great leaders, its heroic resistance fighters, to our giant children, generals of courage, hope, dignity, steadfastness, and the honorable families that will remain immortal in the historical record, names that have not and will not be erased.

And a salute to the medical staff in hospitals, our white army of humanity’s messengers, as they battle death for the sake of life, and to the noble soldiers of truth in the media, the lens that pursues the criminal and drops the mask from the killer’s face.

A salute to the Palestinian resistance with all its factions, as it regains the initiative and dictates control over the battle’s timing and the nature of the struggle with the occupation, which took it out of the cycle of reactive measures and the imposed terms of engagement, refusing to remain hostage to the continuous daily violence.

A declaration of the comprehensive national mobilization for our Palestinian people everywhere, considering that the battle is long-term and pivotal in the history of the Palestinian struggle. It requires steadfastness, resilience and escalating resistance actions to thwart the enemy’s calls to complete its war in 1948 and commit a new Nakba.

This heroic epic, written with pure blood, living flesh, and the Palestinian dream, with its consequences and daily life, has posed an existential threat to the entity, revived hope for the Palestinians and Arabs to restore the Palestinian liberation project, and shattered the image of the invincible army.

‘No voice rises above the voice of the resistance’

We call for the continuation of popular and mass movements at both the Arab and international levels, and for the voices of the cause’s supporters and free people from organizations, forces, friendly and allied countries, leftist and progressive Arab and international parties to rise louder. We call to isolate this entity and the normalizers.

The enemy is conducting insane bombardments to destroy morale, to punish the popular cradle of the resistance, to turn the victory into a defeat, and to break the victory achieved by our people and their steadfastness. What the field has demonstrated is that the Palestinian resistance action has excelled since its first phase, inflicting significant losses on ranks of the occupation.

The Political Bureau confirms that the battle is ongoing, the resistance continues, and the ground invasion will be the decisive factor in shaping the upcoming developments, especially after the fall of the occupation state’s scarecrow, whose image has been shattered and will never return as it was before.

The battle with the occupation is not over yet. No voice rises above the voice of the resistance, the voice of the unity of the national stance and its translation on the ground, and its joint action in the field with the comprehensive national discourse and emphasis that this battle is the battle of the Palestinian people in all its factions, spectra, and components.

The aggression continues, and the battle with the occupation is not over yet. The challenges and responsibilities are great. Let us embark on the battle for freedom together. Let us triumph together. Our destiny is one, our future is one, our enemy is one. What is coming might be fiercer, but the will to victory is great!

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