Peoples Summit against APEC


A delegation from Workers World Party branches in Seattle, Portland and New York City attended the People’s Summit Against APEC on July 29 and 30, put on by Pacific Northwest-People Over Profit. The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is a neoliberal, free-trade conference where “government and big business collude to prioritize corporate profits at the expense of the global working class and poor”. (International League of Peoples’ Struggle)

Workers World delegation opposes APEC summit. (Photo: PNP-POP)

The People’s Summit had over 350 people in attendance and was sponsored by nearly two dozen groups. Organizers included Anakbayan USA, Bayan Seattle, Oregon People Organizing for Philippines Solidarity, International Women’s Alliance and more. One of the major themes that emerged from the conference was the need for a united front amongst those fighting injustices created by capitalism and imperialism.

Peoples Summit delegation, July 29. (Photo: PNP-POP documentation team)

ILPS and WWP hosted a workshop that drew around 150 people and focused on Lenin’s definition of imperialism, how the working class will lead a revolution and how to cultivate international working-class solidarity. The presentation encouraged audience members to engage in discussion regarding how neoliberalism infiltrates our daily lives.

On the second day, the Summit mobilized people for a rally in Cal Anderson Park and then marched to the Seattle Convention Center Summit building to confront the members of APEC. At the Convention Center, demonstrations and speeches focused on themes of international solidarity, people’s power and the role of U.S. imperialism as the root cause of oppression of workers worldwide.

No to APEC, people over profit!

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