U.S. imperialists = #1 terrorists

John Waller addressing Portland’s #OffTheList rally, part of a week of over 30 demonstrations across Canada and the U.S. Credit: WW Lyn Neeley

Portland, Oregon

At Portland State University amid the bustling farmers’ market, roughly 50 people gathered to call for Cuba to be removed from the U.S. State Sponsors of Terrorism list. The event was organized by the Portland End the Blockade Committee.

Cuba has never sponsored a terror attack against anyone, but the U.S. has funded and directed several terrorist groups targeting Cuba. What’s more, the explicit purpose of the 61-year blockade was to hurt, starve and kill Cuban civilians until they had no choice but to surrender their country to U.S. capitalists.

One country here should be condemned for terrorism, but it isn’t Cuba.

John Waller, who initiated the Portland End the Blockade of Cuba Coalition, explained how Portland’s rally was part of a week of #OffTheList actions, which culminated in weekend demonstrations in over 30 cities in Canada and the U.S.

The National Network on Cuba website states: “For over two years, many Cuba solidarity groups in the U.S. and Canada have held car caravans or pickets at the end of the month against the U.S. economic blockade of Cuba, inspired by the Cuban-American-led Bridges of Love/Puentes de Amor movement.” (tinyurl.com/rb2yjfn2)

Speakers at the rally included Jonah from Portland State University’s Cuba Solidarity group; Maddi from Workers World Party who contrasted Cuba’s family code and democratic tradition with the U.S. oligarchy’s attack on children and queer rights; Rev. Prescod from Jobs with Justice, who touched on Cuban dignity; Diane and Leo from CPUSA, who recounted their experiences with the May Day Brigade; and Diego from PSL who reported on Cuba’s impressive health care system.

The rally marched to Portland’s City Hall across from the Federal building, where demonstrators shook their fists and chanted: “Listen Uncle Sam, the truth is overdue, the Western Hemisphere does not belong to you!”

At the second rally, Freddie from BAYAN gave a strong speech on international solidarity. John Joo wrote a solidarity statement from the Venceremos Brigade, and Keightley from ANSWER denounced the hypocritical U.S. imperialist machine.

U.S. Hands off Cuba! Stop the blockade! Remove Cuba from the U.S. terrorist list!

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