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Although officially commemorated in 80 countries, May Day is not recognized in the U.S., where it originated in 1886 in Chicago during the struggle for the eight-hour workday. Its militant legacy is marked by protests by the global working class against capitalist exploiters.

It is a day of solidarity with workers everywhere. The class struggle is alive in France, where workers have militantly protested for weeks against cuts in their pensions, shaking the Macron government to the core. In the U.S., hundreds of strikes have taken place. Workers are rising up in hospitals, schools, universities, factories, mines, stores and coffee shops, and on the freight railroads.

Workers World applauds the successful worker-led union drives at a Staten Island Amazon facility and at around 300 Starbucks stores to date. These wins have spurred more worker organizing around the country.

WW newspaper is partisan. We side with workers fighting for their rights. Their struggles are featured on our pages and in our biweekly column “On the Picket Line.” Not only does WW write about worker organizing, our staff members join rallies and picket lines.

On this May Day, WW supports all workers: organized and unorganized. We express solidarity with the millions of workers, especially those who are Black, Latiné, Indigenous, immigrants, women and other gender-oppressed people, LGBTQ2S+, disabled, low-wage earners, and the jobless and the incarcerated.

WW agrees with May Day’s socialist founders: End capitalism! Fight for socialism!

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Timely articles by worker-organizers keep the newspaper current on unionization drives, along with reports on anti-racist and other progressive movements.

While WW’s staff is voluntary, the 12 printed issues each year and the website incur expenses. Although many online publications require payments to read their articles, WW does not. Our articles are free to all readers.

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