Workers Assembly launches May Day organizing in New York City

A powerful New York City Workers Assembly was held March 19 to plan for May Day. Speakers included workers involved in the Amazon Labor Union fight to win a union election, Starbucks workers organizing union drives at their local stores and migrant construction workers fighting for dignity. 

Migrant workers speak out in May Day organizing. WW Photo: Brenda Ryan

The well-attended meeting was organized by Workers Assembly Against Racism and held at the Solidarity Center in Manhattan. There was broad representation present from the International Working Women’s Day Coalition, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, Laundry Workers Center, Amazon Labor Union, Teamsters Local 808, Gabriela New York, Coalition of Labor Union Women, La Peña del Bronx and the International Action Center. 

International Working Women’s Day Coalition chants on way to Workers Assembly, March 19. WW Photo: Brenda Ryan

Earlier in the day, an International Working Women’s Day Coalition delegation marched from busy Penn Station to the Solidarity Center to attend the assembly, calling attention with their signs and chants to the fact that “Every issue is a woman’s issue!”






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