From French unions: ‘Solidarity with LGBT people’

The following is a “statement in solidarity with LGBT people” from the CGT, the labor confederation in France that has been leading the demonstrations and general strikes opposing the new anti-labor law.

Montreuil, France, June 13 — Once again, barbarism has struck, during a massacre in Orlando, Fla., USA, presently claimed by the Islamic State.

Homophobia is at the root of this tragedy.

Worldwide discrimination, violence and repression regarding sexual orientation and gender identity are still prevalent. Some countries still have laws that criminalize LGBT people.

In France, through the power of demonstrations, the rights of LGBT people have made gains. Still not all rights have been gained or won, as inequalities persist in the workplace and in private life.

The CGT is committed to campaign for equal rights and to actively fight all forms of discrimination, hatred and violence to which this bigotry leads.

The CGT strongly supports trade unions and U.S. organizations that represent and defend the rights of LGBT people in the workplace and in life.

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