Gap worker resigns in protest

The following letter to the editor, which has been lightly edited, was received by Workers World on June 3.

I first became aware of your newspaper at the Occupy Gezi demonstration at Zuccotti Park yesterday [June 2]. First of all, I’d like to thank you for what you do. In the front page of your paper, I noticed the story titled “Protest Invades ‘Banana Republic’” [see], and it immediately grasped my attention. Reason being, on May 30, I resigned from my position as a Sales Associate of Gap Inc.

I worked at the store near the Rockefeller Center, located at the intersection of 48th Street and 6th Avenue in Manhattan. On the same day, I personally went to the store to hand in my resignation letter. I provided every employee who was present with a copy before also handing a copy to the General Manager. Through this letter, I attempted to educate my former co-workers about the company’s atrocities in Asia. According to one of my friends who also happens to work at the same store, the General Manager … shredded all of the copies I had left in the break room for the employees to read and then continued to confiscate the letters from other employees.

You can find a copy of my letter [at]. I published it online with the attempt to spread knowledge about the disgusting, exploiting [and] dehumanizing activities these corporations engage in, simply for personal profit. … [Y]ou are more than welcome to [share] my story. I … would like to spread awareness about these disgusting human beings’ behavior. Thank you for your time.

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