Community BBQ highlights Alan Blueford case


Photo: Karen Shuster

East Oakland, Calif. — The Justice for Alan Blueford Coalition held a free barbecue in Oakland’s Arroyo Viejo Park on April 13 to call attention to the fact that the Oakland police officer who killed Blueford is back on the job. This entire community is now in more danger with Officer Miguel Masso on the loose, reportedly in the very East Oakland community where he killed young Blueford less than a year ago.

More than 200 people were fed at the barbecue, with a number of families of other victims of police killings speaking about their loved ones as well. There was a health booth, children’s games and live entertainment, all free of charge.

May 6 will be the anniversary of Blueford’s death as a result of the stop-and-frisk, racial profiling tactics of the Oakland Police Department. The JAB Coalition is planning a vigil in his memory at the site where he was killed. They have published a flyer stating that Masso is “wanted for murder” and demanding that Masso be fired and tried for Blueford’s killing.

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