National day of action April 11 to keep U.S. out of Venezuela

The Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle has called for a National Day of Action on Thursday, April 11, against U.S. intervention in Venezuela and in solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution. The call is for organizing actions to tell Washington and the Venezuelan elite oligarchy: No to destabilization efforts and no U.S. intervention in the Venezuelan elections.

The world is watching as Venezuela prepares for the April 14 presidential election following the death of President Hugo Rafael Chávez Frias on March 5.

The call to action states: “After the tragic death of our beloved President Chávez, the imperialist nations of the world are preparing to attack the Bolivarian Revolution. Venezuela is getting prepared for a new presidential election and the imperialists are intent to intervene and sabotage the election.

“The solidarity movement in the United States right now faces a critical challenge with regard to Venezuela as well as the revolutionary process in Latin America. The tragic death of our comrade President Hugo Chávez has many believing that the important process for progress in Venezuela, Latin America and the world has been dealt a … blow, but we know that the Venezuelan people and the region will never go backward. And our solidarity will continue as they move forward in their struggles for self-determination, sovereignty, integration and social justice.

“The people of Venezuela will honor the last will of President Chávez by overwhelmingly voting this coming April 14 for Nicolas Maduro for president. The Venezuelan people clearly remain committed to the process of fundamental change in their country, no matter what. We are confident that the roots of the Bolivarian Revolution will remain strong and grow.

“But the death of our dear President Hugo Chávez will be used by U.S. imperialism and the elite oligarchy in Venezuela to carry out aggressive plans to destabilize the revolutionary process in Venezuela. We must send a strong message to Washington right away: We are organizing our voices of solidarity with the Venezuelan people and demand no intervention during this coming election in Venezuela.

“Why April 11? The Venezuelan coup attempt of 2002 was a failed coup d’état on  April 11 that saw late President Hugo Chávez ousted from office for 47 hours, being restored by a combination of military loyalists and massive public support for his government. Chávez was initially detained by members of the military and of pro-business elites represented by Venezuelan Federation of Chambers of Commerce (Fedecámaras) President Pedro Carmona, who was declared the interim president. Carmona’s brief rule saw the Venezuelan National Assembly and the Supreme Court both dissolved, and the country’s 1999 Constitution declared void.

“In New York City, we will gather at Times Square to express our love and solidarity with the legacy of … Chávez and then we will march to the U.S. Mission to tell President Barack Obama: We do not want U.S. intervention in Venezuela.

“If you are in a city where no action is taking place, call, fax, [or] email the White House and voice your opposition to intervention. Or better yet, organize a local action!

“Please contact us and let us know how your organization can support this national day for the Bolivarian Revolution: [email protected].”

For a list of cities holding demonstrations, visit

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