Facts about People’s Korea

There are facts, and then there is fiction. Let’s deal with the fiction first. In the fictional world reflected in Hollywood movies like the remake of “Red Dawn,” the socialist north of Korea launches a war against the United States, invading and killing many people. It would hardly be necessary to answer such a ridiculous fiction were it not for the fact that the corporate media are constantly coming up with alarming stories about the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, picturing it as irrational, aggressive and ready to attack.

The absolutely irrefutable facts are that the DPRK has never attacked the United States. Ever. But the United States invaded the north of Korea with over a million soldiers from 1950 to 1953, trying to destroy that country with more bombs than were dropped on all of Europe in World War II.

Keep these facts firmly in mind when reading the latest scare stories about north Korean missiles and bombs. The U.S. just pushed another resolution through the U.N. Security Council sanctioning the DPRK because a) it launched a space satellite in December and b) it refuses to give up its nuclear program. Unfortunately, the resolution passed unanimously — which has only whet the appetites of the imperialists to push further with their plans to focus more military might on east Asia.

No country in the world needs a strong defense more than the DPRK. It has been ringed by hostile U.S. bases, nuclear-armed ships and planes for two-thirds of a century. Yet the media here insult the country constantly, calling the leaders “paranoid” for putting a priority on preventing another U.S. attack.

In truth, who could be more paranoid than the generals in the Pentagon? They sit atop an arsenal that could destroy every country on earth, and yet they still demand close to a trillion dollars each year in more military spending. The DPRK is right to strengthen its ability to defend its people against the war maniacs of imperialism.

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